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MA Registration and Titling Procedure

There are several steps when coming into Massachusetts from another state. The following is a list of items that we will need in order to assure a smooth transition to Massachusetts Insurance and Registrations for your vehicles.

Current titles on the vehicles.

If the current title is held by a bank please contact the bank regarding the release of that title for the purpose of re-registering the vehicle in Massachusetts. They may require our agency to request the title in writing and that it be sent to our office directly. We have performed this task many times and are fully prepared to provide that service for you.

You will need to obtain a Massachusetts drivers license.

Massachusetts is a “reciprocal” state and as long as you hold a valid license in another state you will not be required to take a test. For locations where a Massachusetts license can be obtained please visit the registry web page at www.mass.gov/rmv/branches/index.htm.

You may need to obtain an original out of state driving record from your legal residence for the last six years.

The Massachusetts auto insurance system as regulated by the state allows for credits based on your past driving record. The system looks at the past six years and provides substantial credit for a clean driving record. If your driving record is clean for the past six years then you can sign a form attesting to your record and receive full credit without a copy of your driving record. The system is graduated and partial credit is available. If you are coming into Massachusetts from outside the US you will need to obtain an original translated driving record from that country in order to receive any credit regardless of past record or lack of incidents.

It sounds worse than it is and if you do your homework and obtain the necessary documentation the process will be quite smooth.

Daily registry service is also available for your convenience so that you don’t have to go to the registry to acquire your plates.