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Seven Day Registration Transfer Law

The law allows a vehicle owner a period of seven (7) calendar days from the date the registered motor vehicle or trailer was sold, traded, etc., to transfer the registration to the newly acquired motor vehicle or trailer.

During the 7 day period, the owner may operate the newly acquired vehicle with the registration plates from the previously registered vehicle. The registration transfer must be completed by 5:00 PM of the seventh calendar day following the date of the transfer of the previously registered vehicle.

For purposes of determining when the seven days begins and ends, the Registry of Motor Vehicles believes that the statutory language “from the date of transfer until five o’clock post meridian of the seventh calendar day following the date of transfer…” means that the day of transfer is the first calendar day of the seven day period.

As an example, if the transaction occurred on June 17th, the 17th would be the first day and 5:00 PM of the 23rd would be the end of the seventh calendar day.

Please be sure to contact our agency prior to transfer to insure that your newly acquired vehicle has proper coverage.

The seven (7) day registration transfer law operates under the following conditions and assumptions:

  • The seller has properly assigned the Certificate of Origin (if a new vehicle) or the Certificate of Title (if a used vehicle) and delivered the document to the purchaser at the time of delivery of the newly acquired vehicle, as required by the Massachusetts General Law.
  • Vehicle, in this context, means a motor vehicle or trailer.
  • Owner, in this context, means a person, corporation, or other entity legally qualified to hold title to property.
  • The owner, if an individual, must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The previously owned vehicle and the newly acquired vehicle must be of the same type and have the same number of wheels and same ownership.
  • When operating the newly acquired vehicle, an owner must carry either the original copy of the bill of sale (Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract, if purchased from a dealer) that indicates the registration number to be transferred or, a Certificate of Transfer issued by the dealer.
  • The registration plates must be attached to the newly acquired vehicle.
  • The newly acquired vehicle may be a new or a used motor vehicle or trailer.